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The house not far from the capital is offering a pleasant refuge to a 3-member family with a pre-school child. Since we were not satisfied with the pre-existing ground plan according to their wishes, we started to undertake major renovating ventures. With the help of a statics expert, we took a corridor in the bottom floor and placed a spacious living room with a large kitchen and a spacious dining room in an open plan. On the top floor, the biggest change was the installation of an extremely large and spacious bathroom with a sauna and deck chairs, where a smaller bedroom with a bathroom was previously planned, but then became an interesting walk-in closet. The design of home furnishings is modern and minimalist. Due to the open ground plan, a generous amount of natural light is coming to the apartment, which adds to it a sense of openness. Large openings connect the interior with suburban surroundings of the house in a sophisticated manner.