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Ristretto Station Coffee Shop

The Ristretto café is located at the extremely frequent point of the railway station underpass and the intersection of the city districts Center and Bežigrad. It introduces a new principle of coffee drinking in our region – the same as it is known in Italy. The client’s wish was to allow travelers, as well as passers-by, to make a quick coffe stop and drink it standing by the counter. The space is small, but we have made it attractive to the eye with a strong shade of yellow in combination of white wood in the style of origami lines. Customers of the café, sitting next to the walls of the bar are additionally employed with views of interesting paintings, coffee talks, and mirrors. An additional enhance of the space are also the ceramic tiles on the floor. A ceramic in the subway style has found its place on the walls as well. The specialty of the café is the choice of their first-class coffee, as well as the visual preparation of the coffee prepared by experienced baristas. Our main goal is to arouse pleasant feelings, even to the ones that stop for just a short time.