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RES 1888

With the purchase of the business premises, the clients wanted to renovate half of the basement space in the pompous bourgeois house from the end of the 19th century into a cosy AirBnb apartment. The advantages of the basement were its big windows, which brought daylight into the apartment on the account of the skilful layout of walls and arrangement of living spaces. An additional advantage was the height of its arched ceilings which allowed us to design a lifted platform for large drawers in the living-sleeping room, and in this way placed a kind of a cabinet in a horizontal position. The goal of this renovation was to keep as much light as possible and that’s why the walls are painted entirely white. Since the apartment is located in the half basement, we wanted to counterweight the overall brightness by creating an industrial feel with a brick wall, radiators in bronze colour and a kitchen in a concrete look. We wanted to bring some playfulness into the apartment, so we chose colourful tiles in the bathroom and used interesting paintings and drawings to decorate white walls.