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Eclecto Living Space

For this project, the clients were a young couple that wanted to introduce a new eclectic style into the Istrian house and its central space. Colours and various materials in a variety of combinations dictate the guidelines. With the renovation of the existing living room and the connection of the new extension space, the couple thus benefited from having more room in the living area of the house, which is connected to the longitudinal balcony with the entire south side of the house. A new acquisition is a fireplace that will provide a warm shelter from the icy winter winds. Because this is an old house, we also wanted to preserve a little bit of its soul, so we restored a large massive closet and completely changed it from a dark brown to a new yellow shade. Since the young couple spends most of their time in the living room, we have set up a large table in the main dining room, which can accommodate guests from all the winds, and the couch is large enough to provide an extra bed.