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David Hair Design

The client’s wish was to renovate an old business premises and change it into a hair saloon, where it would, in the spirit of the old mighty buorgeois houses, attract the looks of the passer-bys and provide a pleasant experience to its customers. In agreement with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, we followed the guidelines for renovating the exterior. In the interior, however, we could afford a visually more diverse space. We achieved that by putting wallpaper of alternating vertical green-white lines on the wall with mirrors and used tiles in mosaic Spanish style, as well as pink colours and shades in the bathroom and storage room. We took advantage of the window display and used it for the purposes of a waiting room, where customers can read magazines in peace or they can look through the window onto the street. Since the space was small, we painted everything but the wall with the wallpaper to white. The space is also visually enlarged by large circular mirrors and the window display.