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CEO/Head director


Borjan comes to the scene when you dare to make a bolder step, yet you are unsure how to do it yourself. It is time to discover the interior that reflects your playful, uncovered part of your character that needs to come to light now, not just on special occasions!

Borjan is very skillful with technical details and works.

Borjan loves travels, takes on life with great humor and has a sharp eye for fashion details and fails as well. He enjoys singing and dancing.

Borjan dislikes conventionality, carelessness, and deceptiveness.

Borjan. Interpretes. Creates.


Creative director


Jure focuses on aesthetic perfection, his goal is achieving “beautiful is in the eye of the beholder”. At the same time he combines homeliness with touches of functionality. He loves picking different materials, patterns and furniture. Your living or working space will most definitely be cosy, pleasant, warm and full of light.

Jure spots beauty in little things. He thrives in the sun warmth, at the seaside, with a strong cup of coffee and amidst tropical vegetation.

He values his friends and sincerity most.

Jure. Listens. Spices it up.